The Movie Rides High On Comedy And Emotion

The Movie Rides High On Comedy And Emotion

Bell Bottom: South indian movies are generally made in a commercial sense but Bell bottom is one thing that differs this film from all other movies. Bell bottom was made in retro style that no part in the film is to be shown as recent times but 90’s. The style of filmmaking is so hard that they had to go through a lot of pre-production to maintain the accuracy in shooting the film. This level of forethought is what makes this a special movie. This is one of the best Telugu movies online. Watch bell bottom movies online on aha.


The story begins with Diwakar, a man with a passion and commitment who wants to become one of the best investigators that the world has ever seen. He grew up with the same thought of becoming a detective since childhood. He used to watch a lot of detective movies and used real investigation novels which made him more of a person that he actually was. He always wants to prove that he was a better detective but as they live in a small town, such huge cases rarely occur. His father, being a police constable who was struggling to run a home, forced Diwakar to become a constable like him. Diwakar bears his for years but eventually agrees to become a police constable. As he solves one case, he becomes famous enough around the town as a great investigator out there. A robbery happens in a police station where a seized gold was stolen and heads of police station wonder how such a situation can occur. Police don’t want the news to spread so they call Diwakar to solve that case for which he agrees. Diwakar starts the investigation and that’s when he meets Kusuma, a good hearted and a beautiful woman who does a lot of social work. Diawakar falls his heart over for her and as they get close together, he takes her to his home and as he introduces Kusuma to his father, Kusuma accidentally slips out her tongue and calls his dad in a casual form which represents that she was close to his dad far before than he was close to her. By the time Diwakar questions them, his father drugs him and Diwakar gets unconscious. Later when he starts the investigation seriously, he starts to reveal a lot of truths regarding the people he loves. What turns the story takes from there is the adventurous yet the most interesting thing to watch.

Cast and Crew Of Bell Bottom:

Actor: Rishab Shetty

Actress: Haripriya

Other Actors: Achyuth Kumar, Yogaraj Bhat

Director: Jayatheertha

Producer: Santhosh Kumar K. C.

This is one of the best telugu movies online out there that has the best comedy and action packed all together with romance. This film will leave you dried out of laughing as it entertains you to your core. It is best suitable to watch along with your family and loved ones for a great dinner night. Watch comedy movies online only on aha.

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